Gallery and Templates

See a few pictures that we have taken at different events below. There are a variety templates and formats that you can choose from when you rent a Photo Booth from Fun Time Fotos.  No matter your event, we have the imagination and know-how to bring your vision to life.

If you have a color scheme, we have several backgrounds to choose from, plus templates that will be on your pictures.  Want a 4×6 one pose? or a strip 2×6 three pose (we can go four but don’t recommend it as the pictures get very small), we can do that. We make our pictures personal to you.



Below is a sample of templates to choose from. There are many more themes, colors and options to pick from. We can use a green screen to “transport yourself” to the beach during South Dakota in December? Always wanted to visit Paris?  Well, we can’t help you there, but we can give you a picture as if you did! Whatever it is you want, chances are good we can make it happen.